Advanced Reporting

Get deeper insights into KPIs with email marketing reports

VerticalResponse helps you track how well your email campaigns are resonating with your contacts. Advanced Reporting provides Pro Plan and Pay As You Go users with insightful metrics on open and click rates, how your emails are being read, and more — all of which can help improve future email campaign performance.

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When you know how your emails are being consumed, you can tweak the design and formatting of your messages to ensure they are displaying correctly on the device or browser your contacts are using. Device reporting presents that valuable information to you with a device breakdown, telling you how many of your emails are opened on desktop and on mobile. It also breaks that data down even further by client — you can see which browser, mobile device, and software your emails look and perform best on.


Geographic reporting tells you where in the world your emails are being read. This data, which is helpful when crafting personalized content, is presented both graphically through a map view, and in a table list that shows you the top opens and top clicks by location. This way you can adjust your messaging according to where your contacts are located. Geographic data is particularly useful for online businesses with customers in many different locations.


The heat map feature lets you see how your contacts are interacting with your emails and what’s working best for your campaigns. A heat map provides a visual representation of where clicks occur within your email, so you can see which links attract the most attention. Do more readers click links at the top of the email, or after scrolling down? The heat map feature answers that, so you can determine where to place high priority content in future emails.


Find out which email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on) your contacts use, and track how each is performing in terms of opens, bounces, clicks, and unsubscribes. Because email content may display differently with different clients, you can use these metrics to determine if you need to do any troubleshooting or make changes to your email design.


See how the performance of your most recent email campaign stacks up against previous emails. Under the comparison tab, you’ll find five different options:

By monitoring these metrics, you’ll get a more detailed picture of your readers’ habits and what they’re responding to, so you can create stronger emails.


Easily send a campaign to multiple contact lists at once, avoiding the need to duplicate efforts. Receive detailed metrics for opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes for each list separately.

Use this information to sharpen your marketing focus. For instance, if an events-sourced contact list shows higher engagement, prioritize similar events to expand this list effectively!

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