Tools to create marketing emails that look great on any device

VerticalResponse gives you the tools to build powerful campaigns in minutes, leaving you more time to spend with customers.


Create a professional-looking email in minutes

Choose a template to customize based on the type of email you want to send. Change the look and feel to perfectly reflect your brand. Add, delete, move or modify pre-formatted content blocks to fit your needs. You’ll have a responsive email campaign ready to send in minutes, no coding or design experience needed.


Reach up to 40% more of your audience

Send an automatic follow-up email to those who missed your first message. People receive 80 to 120 emails per day so it’s easy for communication to get lost. Simply create a new subject line and determine when you want the email re-sent. Leverage the automation of this best practice and track improvements in campaign results.


Save time with autoresponders and automated email series

Automatically deliver the right message at the right time based on customers’ interactions with your previous emails. Automate a campaign to welcome new subscribers, nurture relationships, keep engagement levels high and meet your unique business needs. Automated emails are a snap to set up, and a surefire way to improve open and clickthrough rates — and increase your sales.


See what clicks with your readers

Get deep insights into how your subscribers open your email campaigns, where they click, which devices they use, where they’re located and more. Knowing more about your contacts makes it easier to personalize and deliver messages they’ll respond to. Use Advanced Reporting to compare, customize and get the best results from your campaigns.


Build and launch professional Landing Pages

Showcase a new product, build brand awareness, capture leads and more with landing pages designed to get customers to take action. The Landing Pages creator enables you to build attractive stand-alone webpages that complement your email campaigns, and are optimized to increase sales.


Know what resonates and gets more opens

Use A/B testing to determine which of your subject lines get better results. Find out how different elements of a subject line can impact open rates. Test specific words, appeal to different values or experiment with length. Use these insights to optimize future campaigns.


Send emails with confidence

Never guess how emails will appear to your recipients. Test Kit’s easy-to-use Inbox Preview, Subject Line Preview and Link Checker ensure your emails look and perform the way you want them to. Improve your open rates, boost your campaign performance, and see how your emails will display across nearly 60 different devices and email clients — all in just a few clicks.


Learn what your customers care about

Engage your customers and use their feedback to improve your business. Easily design and distribute mobile-friendly surveys in minutes, and get customer insights in real time. No coding or design experience needed.


Craft Exceptional Marketing Content Effortlessly

Unleash the power of advanced AI to elevate your emails and marketing materials. With our AI-Powered Content Assistant, produce compelling, tailored content in mere seconds. Transform your ideas into words, with no writing struggles involved!

Additional Features


Integrations with Salesforce, Magento, BigCommerce and many other tools ensure you can keep contacts and lists in sync across apps, without writing any code.

Pop Ups

Build your email list and boost engagement with powerful, customized pop-up forms. They’re fast and easy to create.

Form Builder

Increase the size of your email list with an online form that syncs with your contact list.

Custom-Branded Emails

Remove VerticalResponse branding from your email and elevate the professionalism of your brand.

Contact Management

Effortlessly upload or add your contacts to create segmented email lists. Amazingly simple search helps you find, manage and update individual contacts.

HTML Editor

Sporting some coding mojo? Unleash your skills and create your very own custom template.


Send your emails and social posts immediately, or schedule for later. Create them whenever it’s convenient for you.

Publish to Web

Get more mileage out of your email. We’ll host it for you free on the web (forever!), so you can share a link anytime, anywhere you want.

Preference Center

Decrease unsubscribes by giving your recipients control over which lists they’re on. When you mark lists as “public,” they can choose what types of emails they want to receive.

Dedicated customer support

Have questions? We’re here to help! All users can reach us by email, and users with paid plans can also take advantage of phone and live chat support.

High Delivery

We care about getting your email to the inbox. Our industry-leading delivery rate means subscribers are getting your messages.

Developer API

Our new REST API allows you to easily integrate our award-winning email marketing capabilities into your workflow! List management and campaign creation/launch and social features are all available via our API.

Nonprofit Program

We know your budgets are tight, so if you’re a 501(c)(3) organization, we’ll give you a 50% discount on any of our PRO plans.

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