Automate email campaigns for more efficient marketing

Save time, connect with customers and drive results with autoresponders and automated email series.

Get the most out of email marketing by automating your email campaigns. Deliver the right message at the right time based on customers’ interactions with your previous emails. Create a series once,then let it run automatically.

Why automate your emails?

What you can do

Welcome New Subscribers

Get off to a great start with new subscribers by sending an autoresponder or a series of emails. Help them get to know your company, send a coupon, or tell them what to expect after signing up for your newsletter.


Win back customers or donors after a period of inactivity. Create a series of emails designed to remind them of all the great things you provide and what they might be missing. Easily remove contacts from their list if they don’t engage.


Build anticipation with weekly promotional emails, or make educational content easier by delivering it over time. No matter the series, simply decide the timing and criteria once — and then let it run automatically.


Keep customers engaged with timely, relevant emails. Thank loyal customers with an exclusive discount. Turn prospects into paying customers with messages that automatically arrive when their interest is high.

How It Works

You Choose the Time

Set each email to automatically go out hours, days or weeks after the previous message.

Let Reader Behavior Direct the Series

Automatically release a different email depending on whether a reader has joined a list, opened a previous message or clicked a link.

Email Automation Reporting

Measure email performance with easy, real-time reporting. See high-level metrics for the entire series, as well as a breakout for each individual email message. Similar to a solo email campaign report, see a series summary that shows number of emails sent, opened and clicked.

Easily identify underperforming emails ripe for optimization. Make adjustments to the subject line, content or frequency to improve results.

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