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Email is one of the best revenue-generating tools available to companies of every size, bringing in $44 for every $1 spent. But how can you be sure you’re getting all the revenue possible out of your email marketing program? Particularly for small businesses, maximizing email’s potential can seem tricky at first. It doesn’t have to be.

Using email to drive revenue for your small business

VerticalResponse’s partner, Deluxe, offered a free email marketing webinar on April 17. Hosted by Brant Schmitz, Director of Email Marketing & Automation at Deluxe Corp., the webinar walked through the various methods of increasing your revenue with email marketing. In plain language and with practical advice, the webinar covered:

  • Why you should use email marketing
  • How to set email goals
  • How to use personalization and segmentation
  • Creating effective email content
  • How to measure email’s results and optimize future campaigns

Watch it — and start boosting your revenue — today.

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