In an attempt to give you 5 new ways to build your email marketing list each month, here are new ideas you can put to work for your business.

1. Use Facebook – Each week send an email through Facebook to your Facebook fans and  friends asking them to join your list. Direct them to the website address where you have your opt-in form hosted and entice them to sign up by giving them a discount or special offer. After they opt-in to your list, direct them to a coupon page with a code or offer a print out, or send them a separate email-only discount as a follow up email.

2. Use Twitter – Each week Tweet to your list that you’ll give something of value to those that join your list. Use a link to send them to your hosted opt-in form and track it.

3. Use What You’ve Got – Export your list of personal friends and business colleagues who know you from your Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! accounts. Then send everyone an email from you personally asking them to join your list. Link off to a hosted version of an opt-in form so you can track them separately. Don’t forget to include the value they’ll be getting from you, like discounts, coupons or information that is exclusive to them. And since you know them, chances are they’ll join pretty quickly.

4. Use GroupOn – If you’re a in retail or in a local service business give a Groupon discount. GroupOn is a new and quickly growing service that gets your offer in front of tons of people. The way it works is that you give your discount ONLY if a certain number of people take you up on it in a given amount of time. Then make sure you ask for their email address in exchange for their discount. Best part? You give Groupon a percentage of the revenue, so it’s nothing out of your pocket up front. We like them because they use the power of email marketing to get the word out.


5. Use foursquare – Give a discount each time a customer buys something from you and shows you they mentioned your business on foursquare on their phone. This means that they’re  telling everyone in their network that they’ve just visited you or talked about you. Give a BIG discount to your “mayor” each month and ask them for their email addresses. More on foursquare.

Do you have any experiences with any of these?

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