Believe it or not, the New Year is almost here. Last year the first email reference to New Year’s was Dec. 9, according to the Retail Email Blog. Which means now is the time to start thinking about your New Year’s email marketing and offers.

Here are 11 stellar New Year’s subject lines we’ve seen in our inbox. Use these to spark your imagination before the ball drops and the New Year is upon us.

  1. Happy New Year! Get the Right Bags for Your Resolutions
  2. 3,2,1…Countdown to new deals!
  3. Countdown to New Year’s Savings!
  4. BLING in the New Year: Update Your Closet with Sequins & Shine
  5. Happy Post Holiday Sales
  6. Stock Up for the New Year and Save
  7. Coupon, Plus Our Picks for the Year’s Best
  8. Customer Favorites of 2010
  9. New Year, New You, New Deals
  10. The Best [Blank] of 2010
  11. Top 10 [Blank] of 2010

For more help with email marketing and subject lines, download our free guide: Savvy Subject Line Writing for Success. Happy (almost) New Year’s!

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