We know you love juicy tips on how to get things done quickly and easily for your biz. So, we’ve supplemented our recent, 4 Awesomely Simple Email Marketing Tips You’ve Forgotten About, with four more email marketing tips – read on…

4. Use a pre-header, the unsung hero – Everyone’s read a gazillion times that the subject line is one of the most important parts of your email. But, the pre-header (aka the first line of text above the body of your email ) serves as a wing-man, or secondary subject line. It shows up in the mobile version of your email, and provides more content, which gets you more opens! Use the pre-header religiously and see how it impacts your open rate.

email marketing tips - use preheader text

The pre-header text in this example is the line that reads: In Stores & Online New Cantine Dinnerware from France – Shop Now

3. Ban boring subject lines – If your subject lines are a snooze-fest, then #4 won’t help. If you’re sending a monthly newsletter out and your subject line says something along the lines of, “January 2013 Newsletter,” go get a wet noodle and slap yourself. Hard. Now, sit down and read the content of your newsletter. What’s most interesting thing that stands out? What do you think would make someone stop, read, and click-through to your website? Craft a subject line using that info. No more boring subject lines. Ever.

2. Include alt text , It’s sexy and ya know it – OK, maybe not so much, but following our own advice from #3, we had to spice it up. Alt text is that copy you place “behind” an image (instead of the default tag). It’ll display if your recipient’s email browser turns images off by default. So, for example, instead of leaving your image’s super exciting default tag of “dogfood3.jpeg,” you could write “Get 25% off all dog food until 1/31/13!” If your readers images are turned off, this will at least give them more context and will hook ’em to enable images and read more.

1. Ready, aim, target – It’s time to do more with less, and by less, we mean take portions of your audience based on what they’re doing (or not doing) and send them a message that really means something to them. Here’s an example: Got a winery? We bet you know who bought Chardonnay in the last 6 months. Send an exclusive offer out to your Chardonnay fans and see if you get better results than just sending it to everyone on your list. And, maybe give them a killer deal to try a new varietal at a steep discount.

Have any hot email marketing tips of your own? Share your faves in the comments.

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