We’ve got 4 awesomely simple email marketing tips (you might’ve forgotten). They’re actions you should be taking with your email marketing in 2013. And, they’ll help keep your resolutions – at least the ones about making rockin’ emails.

4. Get ’em to opt-in on Facebook – You’ve got a Facebook page, right? Well, It’s super easy to set up an email address sign up form on your Facebook page. Almost every email marketing service provider has instructions for this. And, while you’re driving people to check out your Facebook page, give them a reason (like a sale) for giving their email address.

3. Change up your frequency – Have you been sending monthly or weekly emails, at the same time, every time? Time to shake things up! Try to mail more often, or maybe less. It’s simple and easy to test…Just take a portion of your list (say 20% for trial purposes) and send two newsletters a month instead of one. See if you get a lift in opens and clicks, or a decrease in unsubscribes.

email marketing tips - use social media icons

How sweet would these social media icons be for a bar, brewery or pub?

2. Don’t be anti-social – Email and social media need to be thought of as a great team, (like Jay-Z and Beyonce?). If you do one and not the other, you’re missing out on some juicy traffic back to your website or blog. Include social media icons (like these 23 cool free ones) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Include them in every email and newsletter you send, too. Wanna go the extra mile? Share your emails on your social networks.

1. Make content the feather in your cap. You know your business inside and out, and everything that makes it interesting and unique – Share it! Or, use these 17 inspiring questions to get your content ideas flowing. You’ll never be at a loss for what to write about in your emails and newsletter.

Have any other tips? Let us have ’em in the comments!

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