Showing customer appreciation is more important than ever, as customers have more ways to browse and shop than ever before. In-store, online, review sites, and friend recommendations all factor into a customer’s buying decision. Customers also have more options to choose from when it comes to purchasing – whether it’s supporting a local business, shopping for the best price, or shopping online for convenience. How do you stand out from the crowd? Show customers you really appreciate their business!

Here are 5 inexpensive tips to show your customers how much you appreciate them without breaking the bank:

1. Send a Handwritten Note

It may sound old school, but sending a handwritten note is unique in today’s digital world. It can be a thank you note, a birthday card or a postcard informing customers of an upcoming sale. You could also pick an unusual holiday to promote. Did you know that January 27th is “Chocolate Cake Day”? February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”? Pick one of these unusual holidays and write a note to your special customers. You’ll certainly be remembered.

2. Give Free Stuff

Everyone loves something for nothing. Provide an upgrade for free, a discount on a bill, and all just because, or send them a gift card  encouraging customers to come back to your shop. Other free giveaways could be things that promote your business at the same time. T-shirts, koozies or pens emblazoned with your logo are great and inexpensive giveaways to loyal customers.

3.  Knowledge is Power – Share it!

Communicating with customers and showing your expertise can get you noticed. Whether it’s through an email newsletter, a blog, via Facebook or Twitter, or in person, customers love to learn useful information about what they’re buying. You’re the expert on your product and service, so show it off a bit to provide useful information to educate your customers. Don’t just promote, but really add that extra bit of knowledge that makes customers feel like they’re getting a lot more than just what they purchased.

4.  Profile a Customer

If you have customers who are also running a business, why not include a profile of them in your newsletter or on your website or Facebook page? This not only helps you highlight the profiled customer, but it also shows your other customers how your product or service is helping another business succeed.

5.  Make Them Feel Like a VIP

Make your frequent, loyal customers feel even more special by giving them the VIP treatment. Try hosting an invitation only event. If you have a physical store, provide early VIP-only access to your latest product. Entertain customers with live music or provide complimentary drinks or other treats. If you’re online only, give them access to an exclusive online sale or surprise them with a gift card to a local coffee shop.

Try out some of these tips and start earning more customer loyalty. Looking for specific examples of what other companies have done? Check out our article: Inspiring Customer Appreciation Ideas.

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