We’ve been hearing about the benefits of integrating video into your marketing mix for a while now. However, unfortunately only a small percentage of companies, especially small businesses, are taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Most people psych themselves out on the difficulties of creating video content. But it’s easier than it appears.

With the 5 tips below you can focus on the important factors that will get your video production headed in the right direction this year.

1. Provide Valuable Content

Valuable content can come in many shapes and sizes. Some companies focus on their products or services in a very theatrical way. One of the best examples of this type of approach comes from Apple with the introduction of the iPad Air.

Other companies bring humor to the mix while still showing off the benefits of their product. One of my favorite examples of this tactic comes from the good folks at Blendtec.

Another content approach is to focus on factors that could benefit your clients. At VerticalResponse, we’ve done this with our Facebook Friday video series that shares the ins and outs of the world’s largest social network. The content doesn’t deal directly with our product, but it provides value to the customers that use our products.

2. Be Consistent

This is where most people stumble. You have the best intentions to produce engaging video content, but after a couple of weeks those intentions may make their way to the back burner and never leave. I’ve been down this road before with different video projects I’ve developed over the years. I’ll do 6 or 7 videos, then other duties distract me and all that effort is wasted.

Consistency is key to any marketing effort, but especially when it comes to video. Not only are you up against other video content but you’re also competing with all the other material that makes up the Internet. One of the most important ways to rise above the content noise is to stay consistent. At VerticalResponse, we’ve learned that with our blog, and our video efforts are no different.

We’ve been producing our What’s New Weekly video series since May of 2013. Has it been challenging to keep it going? Of course it has, but 8 months later we’re seeing the fruits of our labor. Our video views are up, we’ve increased the subscribers of our YouTube channel and the comments for our individual videos are on the rise. The key is to keep going and you’ll see results over time. Make sure you read the complete guide to using YouTube for your business as well!

3. Sound

Even though people are watching your video, the most important aspect is what they hear. A lot of people spend so much time and effort with the visual side of the video, they forget people are listening too. Bad sound in your video is the quickest way to get people to click away. Spend a little money on a decent microphone and make sure your video can be clearly heard, as well as seen.

4. Don’t Get Caught up in Perfection

Paralysis by analysis comes to mind with this tip. Sometimes we get so caught up in analyzing our product, we never get it out the door for people to consume. We’re not advocating you put out poor quality content, or that you don’t fix glaring mistakes, but we are saying you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg when it comes to producing videos.

Almost all of our videos are done in one take. There are some flubs or hiccups in the final product, but that’s what makes it real – Humans being human. It’s makes us more relatable and connects us with our audience because we’re not over-produced robots. It also proves that creating a video doesn’t have to be a major time investment.

5. Have Fun

This tip is left for last because it’s the most important. You have to enjoy what you’re doing in anything, and producing video content isn’t any different. If you’re not having fun, it’s easy for people to pick up on it and can have a negative impact on your final product. If you’ve ever watched any of our What’s New Weekly or Facebook Friday videos, you can see we really enjoy what we’re doing and that allows our audience to enjoy it, too.

So there you have it… 5 tips that can get your video marketing efforts headed in the right direction in 2014. Have any tips to add to our list? Leave a comment and share.

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