Your business was just featured in the media – awesome! Great PR can help spread the word about your company, boost credibility and ultimately bring more business through your doors.

But you’re not done. A favorable media placement can be extended in a variety of ways, both online and offline. But, you need to act quickly before it becomes old news. Here are five ways to get max value out of your press coverage:

1. Get social. Share the media placement with your social media networks. Timeliness is key, so do this as soon as possible. With any luck, you’ll get a few virtual pats on the back from your followers.

2. Update your website. Highlight your proudest PR hits on your site’s home page. It can be something as simple as just the media outlet’s logo linked to the story (for example, “As Featured In XYZ Magazine”). Even if you already have a separate press section on your site, not everyone will necessarily visit that page. You want your latest achievement to be front and center.

3. Send an email. Launch a special email with a link to the media placement to customers, vendors and any other groups you think might be interested in the good news. Use this as an opportunity to thank them for their support, too. If it’s an online placement that has social media sharing tools and/or comments enabled, encourage them to share with their social networks and chime in on the conversation.

4. Promote on the floor. If your media placement is an article or blog post, get a picture frame for it and show it off on the wall of your store or lobby. Or, if you’ve got several clips under your belt, consider putting printouts in a nice portfolio book and leave it out in your waiting or reception room table. Wouldn’t you rather customers flip through that versus an outdated copy of US Weekly?

5. Arm your sales staff. If you have a sales team, have them bring color copies of the media placement as part of their leave-behind packets in meetings with prospects, at trade shows, etc. (make sure you have reprint permission first). They’ll appreciate having their sales pitch endorsed and validated by a credible media source.

You work hard to get favorable coverage in the media; get the most out of it with these five ideas!

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