Successful small business owners often use a variety of tools and platforms to reach their customers. Managing multiple applications can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we’ve created a number of powerful VR integrations with apps we feel you’ll love, so you can easily sync your data between apps.

We’re happy to announce our newest addition to the Integrations Marketplace: Optimonk!

Optimonk is an on-site retargeting platform that helps engage and recover site visitors on the verge of leaving. When visitors to your site exhibit behavior indicating they’re leaving your page, you can offer attention-grabbing content such as email signup forms or special offers to lure them back. This helps small business owners build up their email subscription lists as well as generate more business.

Optimonk offers a variety of functionality to help you hone your retargeting efforts. Users can conduct A/B tests, using real-time analytics, to compare different content, templates, etc. to see which options have the best conversion rates with your customers. You also have complete control over the timing of your messaging, and the ability to segment your audience with advanced options to serve content to specific subsets of your visitors.

So how does Optimonk work with VerticalResponse? Optimonk engages a visitor to your site with a signup form or special offer, prior to that visitor leaving. This type of engagement creates an opportunity for you to ask the visitor for their email address. Once you’ve acquired the email address, you’ll be able to communicate with them. Here’s where the power of the integration lies!

With your Optimonk campaign synced with your VR account, any email address collected via a signup form or offer will automatically create a new contact in a VR list of your choice.

Within Optimonk, in Campaign Settings, click Choose Another:

Select VerticalResponse from the dropdown menu. You’ll then be prompted to log in with your VR credentials via a popup:

Once this sync is in place for your Optimonk campaign, you’ll begin compiling ‘opted-in’ contacts for your VerticalResponse campaigns. Play around with different Optimonk forms and offers using their A/B testing to reveal which content resonates best with your visitors. This testing, coupled with the power of Optimonk’s exit intent technology will help you build a marketing audience quickly. Contacts grabbed via Optimonk campaigns will then be synced to your VR lists, where you can begin using VR’s email, social campaigns and reporting to engage and retain your customers.

Want to know more about our integration with Optimonk, and how it can boost your marketing efforts? Join us for our co-hosted webinar coming July 29th at 10 am PT!

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