We get this question all the time, why does my email marketing campaign have a reply-to with a vresp.com domain?

Well that’s a question with a few levels of answering so let me start.

1. Reputation – First of all VR has been around 7 years. Why is that important?  ISPs that we send your email to recognize our domain as a trusted sender and they let your email through their “pearly gates”. You get the benefit of our good sender reputation using this domain.

2. Authentication – VR authenticates all client mail using SPF, Sender-ID and DomainKeys, and has been doing so for years.  If we simply allowed users to “spoof” their own domain, we wouldn’t be able to send fully authenticated emails for those users.  Authenticating mail is a best practice and helps with email delivery.

3. vresp.com – We chose this domain because it doesn’t include any branding and it’s not our long domain. In short, it’s not anything people will recognize.

4. Replies – VR uses Variable Envelope Return Paths for all mail sent through our system.  This enables us to make sure that the proper recipient address is unsubscribed or bounced when the situation warrants it, plus the use of V.E.R.P is also considered a best practice. Note that if a recipient replies to your email for any reason other than to unsubscribe, we route them to the “reply-to” email address you indicate on your launch page.  We always want to ensure you receive the legitimate email.

Can you use your own branded domain with VerticalResponse?  Yes, there is a set-up fee for it.  It also requires a little work on both your end and on our end to make sure we have full permission to authenticate your mail.  Email domainbranding@verticalresponse.com for more information on this. Our recommendation? We think you should take advantage of our domain and reputation since we’ve been working really hard at it!

See our Deliverability section on our website. Comment with any questions!

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