I was just having a conversation about the newspaper industry with Cindy our Marketing Analyst. These are terrible times for the Rocky Mountain News, the San Francisco Chronicle may close its doors, and newspapers all around are suffering from the lack of readership and the lack of advertising. It’s expensive to advertise in a newspaper these days, especially for small businesses.

I also just read an article in eMarketer about marketing spend. From a survey sent to marketers, 59% said they’ll slash anything that doesn’t have a traceable return on investment.

For many of you I’m preaching to the choir, but it still amazes me how many small businesses in the US alone are still not using email marketing to sustain these days, let alone grow. As small businesses are cutting back on their advertising dollars for print and display, or their newspapers are going out of business, email marketing requires a fraction of those ad dollars since it is so much cheaper to do.

Do you know someone who needs to be dragged over the email marketing finish line? By dragging them, you just might save them.

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