I was sitting in my office when someone from my team brought me a tiny pink bag decorated with festive ribbons, attached to it was very cool highlighter pen and it was filled with a bevy of candy inside. Along with the bag came a business card of a women I had done business with last year during our marketing conference (how did she know I liked Reese’s?). She wanted to hand-deliver it to me but I was in a meeting. I thought it was a nice gesture on her part and smart for putting her card in front of me again, not to mention yummy chocolates. She didn’t get to see me, but I’m sure she’ll follow up with an email campaign knowing her.

I know not all businesses have the capacity to hand-deliver gifts to their customers, however if your customers have spent top dollar with you in the past year it might be a great idea and reason to get in front of them again, especially in this economy.

I think it’s especially good if your customers bought big-ticket items from you in the past (real estate, large hotel bookings, software, hardware). One more thing, it’s really only going to work if your customers work in an office where they may be easily accessed, don’t bang on their front door and have them answer it in their slippers, they might think…stalker!

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