Bill Gates started his first company, TRAF-O-DATA, when he was sixteen.

Sir Richard Branson launched two business ventures by the time he was fifteen – one growing Christmas trees and another raising pet parakeets.

And I started my first business at fifteen as well – my babysitting service dominated the neighborhood

If history is any indication, today’s entrepreneurial teens could very well become tomorrow’s transformational business leaders.

At VerticalResponse, we believe that you’re never too young to launch your own business. That’s why we’re excited to announce the VerticalResponse Next Teen Tycoon video contest – our search for America’s future business mogul!

Starting today, any teen between 13 and 18 years old can enter the contest by submitting a short 2-minute video explaining his/her business or business idea. Easy!

In addition to great public exposure, winners will get amazing prizes, including “seed cash” to help launch or grow their business ($4,000 for the grand prize winner and $2,000 each for two second-place winners), a trip to the Big Apple to attend the inspiring TEDxTeen conference and more.

Finalist videos also will get seen by seasoned entrepreneurs and small business experts who are passionate about youth entrepreneurship, including the founders and top execs of Teens in Tech LabsInc. magazineExtreme Entrepreneurship TourNetwork for Teaching EntrepreneurshipSmallBizTechnology and Duct Tape Marketing.

So if you are – or know – a teen who’s been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, enter now to share that awesome business idea with the world and win!

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