Photographers are always trying to get the ideal shot. The finest picture editing applications can help you improve high-quality photos and turn them into magnificent works of art! Your smartphone photography will take to a whole new level with the help of the greatest picture apps. You’re at the correct spot if you want to take your photos to the next level.

There is so much more to capturing images than merely pointing and shooting. The appropriate photo editing software may dramatically change your photos and distinguish between a decent and amazing picture.

What is photo editing?

The process of editing photos involves changing a picture. However, it oversimplifies a topic that may be complicated and uses various approaches and resources.

For instance, although certain picture editing processes are carried out manually, others are done using automated software. Even offline, on real images, posters, or other printed materials, some photo manipulation is done.

The significance of digital image editing

Editing allows you to get the greatest possible image as near as possible to what you envisioned when you shot the picture (or, better, perhaps). Photographers that work in certain niches have the opportunity to refine and highlight their styles. And for companies, editing helps solidify their brand identity.

Editing photographs is especially critical for businesses that deal with e-commerce. The quality of the image has a direct bearing on people’s perceptions of the goods as well as the volume of sales. Studies have shown that high-quality photographs perform better than stock photography or imagery of normal quality.

Increasing the number of high-quality images helps develop customer trust and enhances conversion rates. Both of these findings are supported by the findings of the studies. Therefore, before presenting your images on your online portfolio website, whether you are a novice or a professional photographer, you must learn the ability to edit your photos on your mobile app or browser.

The best five cool photo apps to make your images pop are as follows:

1. Snapseed

On both iOS and Android smartphones, Snapseed is a user-friendly picture editor. It offers several filters, textures, tools, frames, and other features. Additionally, it offers an in-app camera for shooting fresh pictures from various views or positions. A range of editing tools is available to give images a polished appearance.

With Snapseed, a user may modify the same picture endlessly without growing bored. Photographers often use precision masking in Snapseed to alter the depth of field so that the foreground is even more focused while the background is fuzzy.

A “Selective Adjust” tool is also available. It enables you to choose a particular region of your picture and change its saturation, contrast, and brightness. Additionally, the picture editing software preserves your edit history so you can go back and change any modifications you’ve already made.


2. PicsArt

Our top selection for the best picture editing applications is PicsArt since it’s entertaining, simple to use, and covers every aspect of consumer mobile photography. It offers great creative power, top-notch picture editing capabilities, and a huge selection of eye-catching filters.

Additionally, you may share your collages of images with extremely personalized text and highly customizable stickers you’ve created or selected. Pre-capture effects and picture capabilities are included in the fully complete camera module.

For amateur photographers, PicsArt provides a comprehensive and user-friendly selection of photo-editing and collage-making tools. Additionally, it gives you much creative freedom while keeping things dynamic and interesting. On both iOS and Android smartphones, PicsArt is a user-friendly picture editor.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is a fantastic picture editing software. It is free, has few advertisements, and has many features. One feature that shines out is the ability to hold your finger down on a “before” button with each alteration to view how the picture was before you applied it. It is useful for determining whether you should commit to an effect.

Basic tools like crop and rotate are among the capabilities available in this free photo editing program. Still, it also contains brush tools for an auto fix, blur, splash, smooth, sharpen, red eye, double exposure, and spot healing. Your altered picture may be uploaded to social networking sites and saved in various formats, including small, medium, max, and custom sizes.

You may use the brush tools in Pixlr to paint different things on the picture. A pencil, drawing, poster, cross, watercolor, Polly, and other styles are among the alternatives available. There are also a tonne and a tonne of effects available, categorized under different headings, including atomic, creative, unicolor, vintage, too old, subtle, and soft. With just one swipe, numerous borders and stickers are available on the Pixlr app. You may choose from several different font types and colors for the text tool. On both iOS and Android smartphones, Pixlr is a user-friendly picture editor.

4. Adobe Lightroom CC

Although photographers mostly use Adobe Lightroom CC, it’s really simple to learn and utilize. It contains several features that make organizing, editing, and presenting photographs easier. Along with supporting other file formats, Lightroom enables you to deal with the raw data from your camera. Adobe Lightroom CCO, also used in Android smartphones, is a user-friendly picture editor.

Additionally, you may adjust the photographs using various tools, including photo editing and retouching tools, noise reduction tools, various presets and filters you can use on your photo or video, photo layout choices for print or online publication, and many more capabilities.


5. Canva

Canva has quickly become one of the most popular graphic design tools. The free app enables non-designers to create professional-looking work on the go. It features templates for every platform, including Facebook covers, Instagram story highlights, Twitter posts, infographics, and YouTube art. If you want even more options, hop over to your desktop and visit the Canva website, where you’ll also see templates for everything from e-book covers to gift certificates. With several different artistic fonts, Canva is perfect for putting text overlays on images. To create your design, upload images from your photo library or choose from more than 1 million stock images and icons, which are free. On both iOS and Android smartphones, Canva is a user-friendly picture editor.

6. Color Splash by Pocket Pixel Inc.

Using your finger to highlight the areas you’d like to add a “splash” of color to, the 99-cent Color Splash app lets you effortlessly bring a dramatic look to your photos. By switching the photo to black and white through a filter, you can ” brush off” the drab and highlight the color of the original photo. This focuses your audience’s attention on that particular photo piece. This specific app is not available for Android. However, three free similar apps work for Android devices: Color Splash FX, Color Splash Effect, and Color Touch Effects. Color Splash, also used in ISO smartphones, is a user-friendly picture editor.


7. LensLight by BrainFeverMedia

This $2.99 photo app is a must for anyone who wants to add cool lighting effects to their Instagram pictures. With the ability to choose from four different lighting effects, including Bokeh, LensFlares, Light Leaks, and Spotlights, your friends will think you’re moonlighting as a professional photographer. In addition to the effects mentioned above, you can further customize your photos using the provided lens textures. LensLight, also used in ISO smartphones, is a user-friendly picture editor.


8. Diptic by Peak Systems

Diptic allows you to edit and mash up photos and videos to create collages. You can share them on social networks. The editing functions include more than 60 layouts for up to nine photos in one collage, text captions, 14 different filters, and the ability to round the borders with distinctive textures. You get all this functionality for $2.99 and can purchase new texture packs and video watermark removal in-app for an additional 99 cents. LensLight, also used in ISO smartphones, is a user-friendly picture editor.


Many photography applications may improve your mobile photos and allow you to utilize cutting-edge editing capabilities while on the road. Your exploration of the possibilities of apps to enhance your photography and entire company may start with our list of the top photography apps.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in January 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and relevance.

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