If you’re looking to connect with customers and share important information, email marketing is great. But you know what’s better? Combining email marketing and print marketing. Email and print marketing are like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, or just about anything with peanut butter. You don’t have to choose between them because the two can — and should — work together. When joined, email and print marketing can expand your email list, increase brand awareness and grow your business.

That’s why online companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft use print marketing. And if it’s good enough for those big guys, it’s good enough for your business, right?

There are four major benefits to using print marketing to enhance your email marketing:

1. It’s easy to reach your target audience

Print marketing allows you to focus on your specific audience with direct mail or placement, which increases your chances of earning email subscribers and making sales.

2. Print marketing is tangible

Print marketing is physical — your prospects can touch it and feel it. Your potential customers can hold on to your printed piece to refer back to it, unlike a social media ad that disappears from your feed (and your mind) within minutes.

3. It’s the original mobile ad

Whether it’s a sticker, brochure, business card or coaster, your printed piece isn’t limited to a computer screen. You can place your print marketing wherever your target audience is.

4. There’s less competition

When a potential customer holds your printed piece, they are interacting with your message, your ad, your offer. When a potential customer is online, he or she faces a ton of distractions and a variety of ads from your competitors on the same page.

Products to pair with email

So which print products are the best for enhancing your email marketing program? The following printed pieces are terrific ways to encourage email sign-ups and boost sales for your business:


Mailboxes are less crowded than inboxes. Postcards are one of the most affordable ways to promote your business, product or event. Using direct-mail postcards is an effective way to share a special offer with your mailing list. You can also use EDDM postcards, which will deliver your message to every door in a specific neighborhood. You can push prospects to visit your website or designated landing page, where you can encourage them to use a coupon code and collect their information, including their name and email address, and — of course — opting them in to your subscriber list.


Stickers can boldly go where other print marketing can’t, and they’re practically guaranteed to get noticed. You can affix a sticker to almost any surface, so seek out unexpected places to command attention. Use an attention-getting image that features an irresistible offer and your website URL. The key to a successful sticker marketing campaign is getting your stickers out there, so stick ‘em up. Public venues, restaurants, retail shops and walls, mirrors, windows, filing cabinets, packages, bags, cars, everywhere and anywhere! Just be sure that your marketing efforts don’t break the law: Do not affix a sticker to public or private property without permission.

Posters & flyers

If you’re looking to skip using a mailing list, but you know where your target audience hangs out (such as a bar, bus stop, park, community bulletin board in a shopping center), then you should try promoting your business, product, service or event with posters and flyers. Prominently feature your offer and call to action to drive people to your website, where they can sign up for an exclusive deal — and give you an email address while they’re at it.


Booklet marketing is a smart way to attract more qualified subscribers to your email list. A high-quality, professionally printed booklet filled with useful content and special offers establishes trust and credibility. Plus, it introduces your potential customers to your products and services. You can direct prospects to learn more on your website or unlock an exclusive offer with a promo code and their email address.

While your competitors are getting lost in the online shuffle, use print marketing to reach out to customers and get their attention — and in turn grow your email marketing program.

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