If you’re using best practices like Branders, you’ve got an email marketing newsletter sign-up form on every page of your website. You collect email addresses at your counter before someone leaves and you ask for their email address over the phone before you hang up. You even ask for a business card with an email address on it when you meet someone.

So why let someone leave your website without asking just one last time for their email address? Consider the amount of time and effort you spend on getting visitors to your website. Don’t let them leave without one more request.

Popup windows can be seen at as annoying because of the flood of advertising we’ve been getting from them over the years. Frankly there are a lot of people who have blocking software to prevent them from getting popups so you won’t get those people to sign up. However, think about it this way; your visitor came to your site for a reason, they were interested in something you have to sell, manufacture or offer. It’s not necessarily out of place for them to see a request for them to join your list.

Branders does a great job at exit popups by giving their visitors an incentive of $50 off the first order and free samples.

At VerticalResponse we get 5-10 people signing up for our email marketing newsletter per day by this method.

Talk to your web designer today. If you use VerticalResponse for email marketing, we have free opt-in forms they can display in a popup window. Then watch your list grow!

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