Neiman Marcus sends out a daily email, and close to holidays it’s even more often than that. It may be pushing the limits for number of emails sent, but they do have some great ideas that perhaps your business can utilize. This one in particular relates to expiring offers. Many businesses we see that have expiration dates for their offers might have them a week out or even a month out, but NM took it to the next level.

The email was called the Midday Dash. For two hours they slash prices in half on particular items they want to get rid of and it’s an exclusive for their email subscribers. They even indicate on the web page that some of the items are sold out leaving me with the impression that things are going F-A-S-T.

I thought it was a nice idea so I’m sharing.

Here’s what the email looked like:


Here’s what the 12-product website looked like:


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