While preparing for a recent move, I contacted the US Postal Service to change my address. While doing this, I was given the option to update my mailing address on a few catalogs and magazines I receive. It’s pretty smart for publishers and retailers to pair up with USPS on this one. I chose to update my mailing address for the Williams-Sonoma catalog because I love receiving the recipes and seeing all the new swanky cookware. About 3 days after my move, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email in my inbox (I was opted in already) with the subject line: Congratulations on Your New Home! The email had a cheery, welcoming feel and tempted me with this line: As our housewarming gift to you, a special offer will arrive in your mailbox soon.

I was impressed with the connection they made between the update to my mailing address, sending me a targeted email, and tying in a direct mail piece. A few days later this arrived in the mail:

Nice! There was a consistent look and feel to the direct mail and the email I had received, so I remembered it. The 10% discount offer was a nice touch and an incentive to encourage me to buy. Their efforts paid off. I purchased some new wine glasses to toast the new pad and am a loyal customer. Win-win for Williams-Sonoma.

What can you do to roll out the welcome mat for your customers?

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