I have a new article up on Inc.com for my column Girl Power: Female CEOs. It’s called, Cause Marketing: Do a Good Deed to Get a Good Deed.


Here’s an excerpt: Everybody loves to do good. Here are four steps – and a few creative ideas – to kick-start a cause marketing campaign for your business. If your company is giving back in one form or another, then good for you! Our communities need our help above and beyond the fact that we’re creating jobs. And one easy way to give back is through cause marketing. Cause marketing, simply put, is when you entice people to do something and when they do, you’ll donate to a cause. A few things happen as a result of this; people like to patron a business if they know that it gives back to worthy causes and the community, and it could be a great generator of “buzz” for you, hopefully increasing overall sales.

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