Did you know that, according to Business 2 Community, 31% of B2B marketers have said that email newsletters are the best strategy to use for nurturing leads? Additionally, 80% of business professionals think that customer retention is increased by email newsletters.

Part of why email newsletters are so effective is because they involve the process of onboarding automation.

If you’re considering using this automated onboarding process to make your business more successful in the large business or enterprise market industry, then you’re on the right track.

However, you might feel stressed if you aren’t sure where to get started.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. In it, we’ll review the strategies you can use to increase customer lifetime value and drive leads with onboarding automation.

Finally, you’ll have more leads and run a more successful business. Read on to learn more.

What Is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value, also referred to as CLV, is one of the most important metrics that large business and enterprise marketers use as a business metric. By retaining the customers you start to work with, your ROI will be higher and your business will be successful.

It’s one thing to get new customers. But keeping them and continuing to engage with them is key to your business surviving. This is why you need to invest in your CLV strategies.

One of the best ways to increase your CLV is by using onboarding automation. This way, you can drive your leads throughout every single stage as they travel through the customer journey.

By staying in touch with them with a different email sent every step of the way, you’ll bring your CLV up and be more successful.

Onboarding Automation Strategy

Just like content marketing for B2B enterprises is essential, so is a strong onboarding automation strategy. Your strategy should include creating effective landing pages, having a beautiful and stage-based email campaign, sending follow-up emails, and personalizing.

With the automated onboarding solution Vertical Response, you can easily manage all of this. Here’s how.

Creating Effective Landing Pages

To get leads in the first place, you need to create effective landing pages. With this type of page, you can get your customers to take the action you want to, such as signing up for an email newsletter or a lead magnet in exchange for their contact details.

This is essential if you want to start the onboarding automation process. This way you can start sending them the emails you need to.

Through Vertical Response, the Landing Pages Creator is available to make this even easier.

Even if you don’t have any experience with design or coding, you can create an optimized page that makes it easier to get the contact information you need.

A Beautiful and Stage-Based Email Campaign

Once you have your leads’ contact information, you can contact them to start increasing the customer lifetime value. Through a series of steps, you’ll nurture these leads, making them not only customers but loyal ones who continue to buy your products over time.

You can make beautifully designed emails by using Vertical Response.

This solution has templates available that you can then customize, designing them so that they’re both optimized for a higher click-through rate and reflect your brand.

Additionally, through Vertical Response, you can send emails at every stage of the way. You can automate an entire email series that’s set up to contact your customers wherever they are in communications with you.

You can set up a specific email for welcoming new subscribers, another for nurturing these relationships, and another to continue engagement (after they’ve bought a product, for example).

All of these emails will be sent automatically to your customers. All you have to do is set up at what stage they’ll be sent out. Vertical Response does the rest, improving your clickthrough, open, and sales rates.

Sending Follow-up Emails

Another important aspect of any onboarding automation strategy is sending out follow-up emails. Sometimes, especially when you first start engaging with your customers, you need to give them an extra nudge to stay engaged with your business.

If they’ve missed your initial email welcoming them to the email newsletter (or to verify their email address), a follow-up email makes it more likely they’ll catch it the next time.

With Vertical Response, you can automate this process so that you don’t have to remember to send the follow-up email yourself. More emails will be opened, and as a result, you’ll drive leads up.


One of the best ways to drive your leads is by personalizing the automated emails you send out to them. You can do this easily with Vertical Response, as this solution provides you with the data you need about your potential customers.

This data includes who is opening emails, click rates, where they’re based, and what device they’re using.

With this data, you can implement the information you have to personalize your emails and drive your leads up.

Additionally, because of the design options available with Vertical Response, you can also personalize the design and get more leads by appealing to your customers’ aesthetic preferences.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about how you can increase customer lifetime value with onboarding automation, you might need more information. Maybe you want to learn about how to understand data better so you can use it to personalize your email campaigns.

Or maybe you want advice on how to craft that perfect CTA.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At Vertical Response, we’re experts when it comes to increasing customer lifetime value and making onboarding automation effective.

We also offer the Vertical Response solution. You can sign up for your free trial now.

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