Video has quickly become a key part of many companies’ marketing plans. We realize that as a small business, you aren’t blessed with an unlimited budget, so we’re here to help! And, we aren’t talking about selfies here, but professional looking videos that’ll drive visitors to your website.

Watch the video to see how we create videos on the cheap (under $300) and cheerful at VerticalResponse, and scope our our must-haves checklist below:

The following items are video must-haves. Prices can vary, so shop around for the best deals. I’ve included links to the items we use personally.

Camera:  $200

Your camera will most likely be your biggest investment. The one we use is fully featured including a stand, memory card, case and all the accessories you need. If you can’t afford a camera don’t sweat it –  use a smartphone!  Newer smartphones have near, if not full, high definition (HD) video cameras. You can even try Craigslist to find a great deal on a HD camera that’s gently used.

Light Stands:  $25

This two pack of stands is perfect for holding up lights, and they adjust to reach most heights.

Lights (3 of them):  $11

Place two lights on each side of your camera and one behind you. This will eliminate shadows.

Diffusion Paper: $13

This special paper can help diffuse the harsh look of the lights.

Clamps: $8

Use clamps to help secure lights to the stands or anything else that needs securing: Cameras, backdrop, or even your script.

Clothes Pins: $3

Use clothes pins to attach the diffusion paper to the lamps. Simple as that!

Extra Credit: If you want to take your video to the next level (and have some extra bucks to spend), try implementing some of these extra credit items into your videos:

Backdrops:  $19

These come in under twenty bucks, so grab some colors that complement your logo or company colors. Just make sure it’s not too distracting of a color and avoid prints.

Backdrop stand: $65

If you want to get really fancy, get a backdrop stand, which allows your backdrop to drape perfectly.

Once you get your video set up in place, send us a link to your own video in the comments! Now… ACTION!

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