Magic has been something that has mystified people for centuries. But have you ever thought about magic and how it can be related back to your business? Well I hadn’t either. That was until I attended the Dent the Future Conference and heard Eugene Burger speak.

Burger is an American magician who is considered “one of the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century” by MAGIC Magazine. But he’s more than a magician, and this is what made his presentation engaging from a business perspective. Burger has degrees in philosophy and divinity from Yale University. He’s also an author, speaker and teacher. And he uses this diverse background to make the connection between magic, business and life.


“My job is not simply to do magic tricks, it is to remind you that you can be the magician in your own life. You can be the source of power and transformation.” — Eugene Burger, Magician

One of the things that Burger shared was the fact that magicians are always ready for things to go wrong and they always have a Plan B. The correlation back to business is that most entrepreneurs and  business owners are constantly focusing only on the positives and when things go south, the damage is intensified because there is no contingency plan in place. If you’re ready for the trick (or your business) to have a hiccup, then you’re in a good position to turn things around quickly when the illusion is revealed.

Another great lesson Burger shared is that “what you don’t see is more important that what you do see.” In magic, the magician manipulates the audience’s attention. In business, you obviously don’t want to manipulate, but you have the power of positioning. You can create a message that is important to you and convey that to your audience. If it’s sincere, this message will resonate with your customers and help you build a thriving community.

The final thought that Burger left us with can be connected to life, business and yes, magic….”Life is full of surprises, were living in a mystery.”

Are you making magic every day in your life and business? We’d love to know.

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