We recently shared some infonuggets about smartphones and email. Which got us thinking, we know people read email on their mobile phones, but is anyone keeping up with stats like mobile email opens? You betcha! We wouldn’t ask a question like that without having an answer for ya. According to our friends at Litmus, as of April 2012 the email platform playing field has been leveled. Bam! Desktop, mobile and webmail are now all about a third of the market, with mobile being slightly higher at 36%.  And what’s more, they predict this number will reach 50% by the end of this year. What does this mean? Well, for one thing, your readers can access the emails you’re sending a whole lot quicker, and from a lot more places than they used to.

Knotice , another analytics company, recently put out a report on mobile email opens, and is it ever interesting! You can check it out here, but a few things we found interesting include:

Phone and tablet opens by percent:


Image courtesy of Knotice

No surprise that iPhone and iPad top the lists!

Other stats:

  • Mobile email opens on phones are higher than those on tablets by about 3 to 1, with phones having 25.85% email opens and tablets 10.16%.
  • Click-to-open (CTO) rates for mobiles and tablets are similar, 7.9% and 9.65% respectively, but desktop clicks take the cake at 17.98%!

So what now? If you haven’t optimized for mobile yet, your email design may need to play catch-up. The number of people reading email on a mobile device is only going to go up, so now’s the time to make changes. And take a fresh look at your website, how does it look on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop? If you don’t have a mobile site you’ll want to get on it. Check out our 3 Cool Tools post for help.

Do you have plans to make any changes to your email marketing to make way for your mobile readers?

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