In an attempt to give you 5 new ways to build your email marketing list each month, here are new ideas you can put to work for your business.

1. Retail Packages – If you’re shipping products, you’ve got some valuable real estate you’re playing with, the box! Include an inbox request on a piece of paper and tout that you’ve got “email only” offers. Direct them to your website’s opt-in form, then after they join your list, direct them to a page where you give them their first promotional offer.

2. Handheld Devices – If you’re at a tradeshow, at your store, spa, salon or restaurant, you can use some handheld devices. With an iPhone or an Android you can use Bump Technologies’ free app. You simply bump your phones together and instantly swap contact information.  Sterizon has a specialized handheld device and application where your customers can type in their email address and it goes right into your VerticalResponse account. There is a monthly fee for that one, but it sounds cool!

3. Use a Video Contest – Why not have a contest where you have customers create a one minute video about why they like your non-profit, your company or products. Ask your customers to send you the videos and post them onto your Facebook Fan page. Then have your visitors vote on who they want to win cash or prizes that you offer. Your contestants will end up sending email their lists, and posting to Twitter and Facebook asking their friends to vote for them and you’ll get more exposure. Then you can count up the “likes” or comments on each video to determine the winner.

4. Comment on Blogs & Forums – Offer insightful comments on blogs or forums that your prospects or customers would visit. Then include a link to your site where your opt-in form is hosted.

5. WordPress Bloggers – You can easily include an opt-in form on your WordPress blog by downloading this WordPress Plug-In. Then you can easily start collecting email addresses right from your blog.

Hope these ideas helped. Do you have any new ideas you’ve seen work or not work for building your email marketing list?

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