A while ago I started my application for Clear. I travel a lot and with Clear I won’t have to stand in security lines at airports. I’m sure I’ll have to give up any and all identifiable information about me but I thought it was worth it. Yeah, I might be crazy.

So I only got through a part of this application and didn’t finish the rest. You actually have to go to a Clear office or get to the airport early (never) to have them scan your eye, get your prints and give them your first born. This I’ve not done yet.


As a result I received this clever email marketing campaign around the fast-approaching Mother’s Day, trying to get me to complete my application. Looks like they partnered with FTD.com for a 20% discount on flowers for Mom.

Could you partner with another business around any given holiday and ask them for a special discount for your customers only? It might be just the thing to get them over the hump of doing something with you or buying your product or service. And as a result of the discount or special offer your partner gives, you both win!

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