Social media has become part of our everyday lives, and even our every day business marketing. We mention (often!) how and why to use different social networks for your business and what you can expect from interaction on these sites. We thought we’d mix it up a bit and share how to pull all those networks together with a fab example (from an unexpected source) of a social media resource page from Knitting Universe. These guys put on a number of events around the country every year, and decided for one of the big ones to pull out all the stops and set up a social media resource page. We look at social media all day and we think this is pretty cool!  For anyone putting on an event, or attending one, it’s a powerful page.


Here are three tips to create a social media resource page for your biz:

1. Networks – For their resource page Knitting Universe included all the social networks they use, even ones they aren’t super active on. They managed expectations though, by sharing how active they are on each network. If your company is new to say, Pinterest or Google+, sharing that info on a page can drive new people to follow you and help build an active audience. And if you don’t have a presence on those networks, hop to! They’re both built with businesses in mind and can really have an impact on getting people to your website.

2. Share – The most useful aspect of a social media resource page like this is that all handles, names and hashtags are in one spot making it easy for attendees, vendors or customers to communicate with each other. Knitting Universe included links to their pages, the handles and how to reach the CEO and marketing manager too. They also created their own hashtag to use on Twitter and Instagram to help manage posts and images. And, if that wasn’t enough, they have a live feed for their Twitter hashtag and their Facebook page. The vendors at the show were able to tweet ahead of time about their plans to be there, what they were bringing and even share photos of their booths and products. This gave them a chance to drum up business before the show started, and since everyone could follow the hashtag, get new business as well.

3. Have Fun – Social media is a place you can let your personality shine. Knitting Universe had a good time with the info they included – even poking fun at themselves for taking so long to get on Instagram. But even though they’re new to it, they embraced it by having a roving social media reporter adding pics from the event on their page.


How awesome is that? Creating a social media resource page where your customers (or vendors) can find you on social media, and know what to expect from you, makes it easy to interact with your company. And the more interactions your business has on social media the more conversions and relationships begin to form. And who doesn’t love that?

How do you get the word out about your social networks? Are you thinking of creating a social media resource page?

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