There are some great opportunities to engage and connect with your customers this spring including Easter, Passover, Earth, Tax and Mother’s Day. And these “holidays” mean big business. According to the National Retail Federation, total spending on Easter alone will be $16.8 billion!

I’ve scoured my own inbox for some examples of how to do your emails well, and of course a few examples of what not to do.

Easter gives us lots of opportunities to play with fun puns about bunnies, eggs, hopping, etc. and there’s no shortage of “eggcellent” examples.

From children’s retailer and VR customer, Chasing Fireflies came this subject line and cute creative:

Subject Line: Free “eggspress” shipping upgrade for Easter!


They do a great job carrying the Easter theme throughout the entire message from the subject line with a free shipping offer, to the HOPTPOIT12 promo code.


Next up from another VR customer, Francis Ford Coppola Winery comes this example:

Subject Line: Celebrate Easter – Coppola Style + $5 Shipping

I love Coppola’s play on the grown-up Easter basket and they throw in a $5 shipping offer to boot. What makes this email even better are the suggested items for your Easter meal, your table and of course, sweet treats (it is Easter after all), all placed below the fold. And, if anyone I know is reading, pass this on to the Easter Bunny, I’d like the basket pictured above.



Next up are a few examples of well done emails, but containing one awry element: Personalization.

Now personalization is a wonderful thing, and I highly encourage you to use it, but be forewarned that your list must contain the field that you are merging in, or you must use alt text, otherwise you’ll end up like this next example.

From Noe Valley Bakery, I have both an Easter & a Passover example. Both emails are well executed with the exception of the first name merge field as you can see in the next two images. Having “Dear ,” will not make your subscriber feel very valued.





Mother’s Day means big business for many brands including Bobbi Brown cosmetics who was early out of the gates sending this email on April 2:

Subject Line: Mother’s Day is soon – shop early! Plus Free Shipping + Two Skincare Treats with ANY order

The large image links to an online gift guide full of suggested gifts of various price points. This is a simple, visually appealing example, but I would’ve changed the preheader at the top of the message – It’s exactly the same as the subject line and there’s no need to repeat. Make the most of every touch point in your messaging.


Lastly, I saw one of the first references to Earth Day in my inbox from with this:

Subject Line: Earth Month – Get 1500 Bonus Rewards Points pitches their CarbonFree shipping which is a nice tie-in to Earth Day. And, they capitalize on it by declaring it Earth Month.


What kinds of seasonal campaigns do you plan to send soon to connect with your readers?

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