Every year each one of your customers celebrates a birthday/anniversary of the first time they’ve done business with you. Your business also celebrates its own anniversary doesn’t it? This is a built-in opportunity for you to build better customer relationships with email marketing. If you’re not sure where to start with your birthday and anniversary loyalty programs, we have some helpful ideas.

Email Subject Lines

According to Experian Marketing Service’s “Birthday and Anniversary Report,” last year these were the top five birthday subject lines based on open rates:

  1. A special gift for your birthday
  2. Happy Birthday {FIRST_NAME}
  3. Happy Birthday From {Company}
  4. Your Special Birthday Bonus
  5. A special gift of 20% off for your birthday

It’s no surprise that these subject lines drew high open rates because they connect with the subscriber on a personal level using words like you, your, and personalizing using the recipient’s first name. And of course most people like being acknowledged and made to feel special on their birthday, so this is an easy one!

Do you send out anniversary or birthday emails to your audience? If so, what’s worked for you?  

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