From downloadable brochures to tweets, and every website landing page in between, the consensus is clear: messaging matters. And the clearer and more concise you can make it, the better. In Part 1 of this series, we showed you the basic steps to follow when designing a website, including the key aspects of visual appeal and easy-to-use navigation from page to page.

Remember though, without strong messaging and the ability to capture the audience with your content, they’re unlikely to stick around just for the high quality images and shiny CTA buttons.

In Part 2, we cover all the messaging touchpoints you’ll need to put in place to bridge the gap between customers clicking on your site and interacting, engaging, and taking the necessary steps to convert with your brand.


Similar to the broader branding of your business, action-driven website messaging helps to guide customers along in the conversion process and increases their likeliness to bookmark, download, and purchase. Implement these tips and set yourself up for success with a site designed to keep visitors interested and willing to spread the word about your captivating online space.

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