Last week we covered our the relationship between you, the nonprofit, and your donors. This week we’ll examine the fundamentals of fundraising and the best emails to send to get your donors to take action.

In this four-part guide you’ll find do’s and don’ts for every step of the email marketing process:

Do: Send emails as fundraising tools to new subscribers and loyal donors.
Don’t: Be overly pushy.

Here are some examples of emails you can send to help bring in donations in a non-aggressive way.

1. Success story

Leverage the power of your success to collect donations. Donors want to know how their money will help, so you need to show them. In your email, tell a specific story of how your organization helped in a given situation. Include pictures with the story and a call to action that asks donors to support the specific campaign.

2. ‘We have a goal’ email

If you have a fundraising goal, share it with your donors. Create a series of emails that center around your goal. The first should state the goal and ask donors to contribute. The next should offer an update, for example, to announce that you’re halfway to meeting your goal. The third email should notify donors that you’re closing in on the goal deadline. The email should be urgent, asking donors to send support before the time runs out.

3. Fundraising event email

Email is one of the best marketing tools for a fundraising event. As the planning goes on, keep your guests updated with a series of emails. Start with an invitation that includes all the information they need and a call to action allowing guests to RSVP.

Additional follow-up emails can be sent to those who have yet to RSVP. You can also send an email that recaps last year’s success and sets this year’s expectations. After the event, thank everyone who came and share the amount that was raised.

Ready to dive into our final do’s and don’ts? Stay tuned next week for Part 4 of our series: The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Campaigns for Nonprofits | How to maintain your donor list.

Use this guide to engage and connect with your subscribers and you’ll be growing your donor base in no time. Try out these tips to see where they take you and check out the VerticalResponse free program for nonprofits.

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