Every Wednesday we host free webinars to help you learn more about email marketing, social media or events for your business, and much more. The webinars are also recorded and posted on our help site so a wider audience can benefit from them. So, I thought I’d share our top 7 most viewed recorded webinars of this year with you too. Take a look and find something new to learn!

1) 10 Keys to a Killer Facebook Timeline – This is the most popular webinar we’ve ever done since we started tracking views a few years ago. Any changes Facebook makes cause ripples through the entire marketing world, so it’s no wonder this is popular! Last month, Facebook updated its look for company pages. Learn how to get the most out of Timeline for your business with this informative webinar.

2) Delivery Changes – This webinar covers changes ISPs have made over the last few months that could impact email delivery, plus some great email tips from our Delivery Director, Kiersti. This topic is important to a lot of our customers so it’s no surprise there were over 1,500 views in one day when we featured it in our VR Buzz newsletter.

3) How to Avoid the Spam Folder – Learn more about email delivery and what you can do to help get your emails to the inbox. This webinar covers tips on how to create your email to avoid spam filters, which is something that concerns everyone.

4) Using Images in Emails  – We always encourage people to use images in their emails, and this webinar shows all you need to know! Learn the ins and outs of using images in your emails, including:

  • Best sizes to use in emails
  • Using Alt text
  • Creating an email from an image

5) 1 Template, 5 Ways to Use it – Our email templates are a starting point for your email marketing, and many are fully editable so you can truly make them your own. Whether you use the Wizard or the Canvas tool, you can create the email look that you want using one of our templates.

6) How To Create a Successful Email  – Perennially popular, we do this webinar live every month and it takes you through the ins and outs of email marketing best practices, tips, content ideas and, of course, lots of relevant examples.

7) Content is King– There is no question that the content of your emails, blogs, websites, and even social media outlets has never been more important for driving engagement and meeting the needs of customers. More than ever, it’s essential to provide not just more new content, but content that is relevant and useful to readers.

Interested in learning more? Check out our schedule for upcoming webinars. They’re always free and include Q&A at the end of the webinar, so bring your questions for our experts!

What’s your favorite live or recorded webinar? Or, let us know what topics you would love to see in future webinars!

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