The collective groans heard around the office along with sighs of “this sucks” to the news that Google Reader is being retired on July 1, led us to search for a few alternatives that may make Reader a distant memory.

Lifehacker goes on to report, “In addition to having a rich news suggestion algorithm that makes it easy to surface articles that you’ll find interesting, it’s a rich social tool that lets you share stories with your friends and post them to your favorite social networks. Saving stories for future reading is easy, and Feedly offers layout choices that let you read the news in the manner you choose—whether it’s straight headlines from top to bottom, full articles, neatly arranged tiles, or pretty images all laid out on a page. Best of all, Feedly has said that while right now they connect to Google Reader and sync with it.”Topping our list as the contender most likely to take Google Reader’s place is Feedly, which is growing in popularity by the minute. Feedly’s blog announces that over 3 million people have already made the switch from Google Reader. According to Lifehacker, ” They’re building a new syncing engine so Feedly users can seamlessly continue using the service long after Google Reader turns off the lights.” Stay tuned for that.

Many of the Skadeedle crew have already made the switch and dig Feedly’s iPhone app, the integration with Buffer and the sharing functionality.

Next in line is Flipboard. Flipboard collects the content of social media and other sites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company. Its slick format has attracted people in droves to the tune of over 56 million users! Flipboard offers an informative basics guide to anyone new to using it here. There’s also a helpful overview video on YouTube here to learn more about it.

What other Google Reader alternatives would you add to this list? Share in the comments.

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