I’ve written about Cause Marketing – Giving Profits to Charity and we’ve seen some great examples of how businesses are doing that for our friends in Haiti and Chile.

But, I haven’t written about how to use your email marketing campaigns as a vehicle for asking your recipients to donate, especially if you are a “for profit” company.

Amber Ricchetti our Marketing Specialist here at VerticalResponse brought it to my attention that a number of businesses are doing just that: using their regularly scheduled newsletters and including links to donate to the Red Cross and other organizations to help. At VerticalResponse you may have noticed a link in our newsletters to donate directly. Since we’re already communicating with our recipients, it seemed like a no-brainer to use our list to help out. Do we get a benefit from it? You bet, knowing we could have helped out in any was was enough for us.

Are you using your email marketing as a vehicle to help? All it takes is a few pixels! Tell us about it.

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