We had our first twitter chat, #vrchats last Wednesday and we discussed Email Marketing and Social Media. It’s a big topic and we had a lot of great tweets with insight from VerticalResponse employees and small business owners, and even our friend, John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing showed up for some of the action! It was a great time, and while we learned a few things (like sending out a very specific warning to your followers before the chat that your Twitter feed is going to be busy during the chat), it was a success and we are excited to host more. Join us for our next Tweet Chat, on October 13th, where we will discuss Social Media for Small Businesses  and for our full Holiday chat series starting in November.

VR4SmallBiz: Our first Q: There are many social platforms out there. What are your top 3? #vrchats

meganjane425: I use Facebook to stay connected with friends, fam & colleagues, but also love researching restaurants and things to do on yelp! #vrchats

rzazueta: FB has become my personal persona – where I say thing I wouldn’t necessarily consider “professional” #vrchats

riceek: Q1: depends on b2b or b2c. LinkedIn for b2b, but not sure there is a close second #vrchats

VR4SmallBiz: Q2 is related to this: what is the most productive SM channels you use? #vrchats

jillieb3: Q2, again it also depends on b2b or b2c. Since I use twitter for work a lot more, that seems to be more effective for me. #vrchats

rzazueta: VR’s Social Sharing features are HUGE with our customers. Makes it dead easy to get started in social and connect it with email. #vrchats

stiggy1: Q2: the two famous words in marketing..it depends. Conversions, driving traffic, etc. Each serves a purpose. #vrchats

Gldnamby: Twitter is great for keeping up with industry trends! #vrchats

VR4SmallBiz: Good time to move on to Q3: How do you integrate SM and EM? #vrchats

 ducttape: Love that question – they support each other so well – SM great for list building #vrchats

VR4SmallBiz: What do you all think of emails asking users to like you on FB? shld there be an incentive? #vrchats

winepleasures: @VR4SmallBiz They shouldn’t ask. #vrchats

Gldnamby: @winepleasures We did a campaign asking people to follow us (w/ no hard incentive) and we got 2k plus followers! #vrchats

Stay tuned for Social Media for Small Business, October 13th, 2010 from 1-2 PDT and our full holiday #vrchats series starting in November.

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