Guide to Holiday Landing Pages

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See what makes a great landing page, and learn how easy it is to create landing pages in VerticalResponse.

Your logo is sporting a holiday twist. Shoppers are searching from their smartphones for gift ideas and store hours now that you’ve made your website mobile-responsive. And you’ve even added a variety of fall and winter creative assets to your email marketing campaigns. You must be ready, right?

Give yourself a pat on the back, and then be sure you’re getting an extra-big piece of the nearly $7 billion holiday pie by incorporating landing pages into your holiday marketing strategy. Never used a landing page before? Here’s what you should know:

What is a landing page?

You can “land” on pretty much any webpage, but that doesn’t mean every page is a landing page. A landing page is a standalone webpage that has one main objective. Typically, the page is designed to provide just enough information to entice a visitor to click through to another page, where hopefully a purchase gets made. In other cases, the landing page serves to capture visitors’ information, such as names and email addresses, which can later be used for marketing purposes.

Why have a landing page?

Landing pages help your visitors focus on one particular action or offer instead of being distracted by other information on your website. They’re an efficient way to convert a prospect into a lead or customer. Whether landing page visitors are signing up for a free download, responding to an invitation, clicking to the next page to make a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter or blog, they’re taking the one action you want them to take.

During the holidays, ensure your landing pages cater to the expectations of holiday shoppers. That doesn’t simply mean adding snowflakes and winter themes, although seasonalizing your landing pages and the rest of your website is important. We mean creating landing pages that directly contribute to a successful holiday season for your business.

Bonus Content

See how easy holiday landing pages can be!

  • Get landing page do’s and don’ts
  • Quickly build landing pages with your VerticalResponse account


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