Looking for Halloween marketing ideas? Facebook is a fantastic way to reach customers with targeted messages that endear them to your brand and motivate likes, follows, shares and sales. If you’re not sure which posts will spur engagement, you’re in the right place. Get started with the following 15 wicked good Halloween Facebook post ideas.

1. Photo contests

Halloween photo contests are one of the easiest ways to earn tons of social shares for your brand. Start with a killer prize, then ask your audience to enter by posting their best photos of:

  • Halloween costumes
  • Haunted house décor
  • Group photos
  • Pet Halloween costumes
  • Creepy local haunts
  • Spooky vacations
  • Halloween treats

If possible, select a theme that’s relevant to your products and services. For example, a grocery store might launch a Facebook contest for the best Halloween recipes.

Choose winners based on likes and shares, or use a third-party app to tally votes. By doing this, your audience will generate engagement for your brand.

2. Spooktacular sales

Hosting a Halloween sale? Facebook is a great way to get the word out. Incorporate frighteningly fun Halloween images into your posts, such as:

  • Ghosts, goblins and ghouls
  • Witches
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns
  • Zombies
  • Bats
  • Famous horror monsters (Frankenstein, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, etc.)
  • Kids in Halloween costumes
  • Pets in Halloween costumes
  • Haunted houses

The goal is to make your posts stand out with a relevant Halloween theme that people want to share.

3. Event invites

If your business is sponsoring a festival, promoting a booth at a local event or hosting a special Halloween party, use Facebook to invite your audience to attend. You can:

  • Create an event on Facebook
  • Share the event on your Facebook page and within Facebook groups
  • Ask for RSVPs (people can select “Going” or “Interested” right on Facebook)
  • Offer incentives for people who RSVP, such as a freebie, VIP parking or a discount
  • Use Facebook ads to promote your event

If your event looks fun, event invites will earn interest and shares — ultimately driving customers to your door.

4. Halloween tips and tricks

Identify relevant tips and tricks you can share to help your audience enjoy the best Halloween ever. Ideas include:

  • Halloween costume ideas and DIY tips
  • Halloween decoration tricks
  • Halloween recipes
  • Halloween party hosting tips
  • Halloween crafts
  • Halloween on a budget tips

Again, the best strategy is to find a correlation between your tips, your audience and your business so you have a natural segue from post to sales.

5. Halloween lead magnets

Create an eBook packed with Halloween tips, then promote it on Facebook. The eBook serves as a lead magnet: To get it, your audience must visit your site and enter their email addresses, then you can market to them. Ideas include:

  • How to host the perfect Halloween party
  • 10 cool Halloween craft ideas
  • Halloween kids safety tips
  • Halloween cookbook
  • Halloween travel guide (spookiest places in America)

Your eBook should contain valuable information your audience won’t find elsewhere, and it can be peppered with product mentions to help influence sales. Plus, you can continue reaching your audience with ongoing email marketing.

6. Halloween safety tips

Create a series of Facebook posts focused on Halloween safety tips for kids. It’s a great way to earn shares, as parents will want to help friends and family members keep their kids safe, too. Ideas include:

  • Wear bright colors and add reflective strips so drivers can see children
  • Stay with a parent or group of friends — no one goes alone
  • Stay in trusted neighborhoods
  • Keep a phone handy and know emergency numbers
  • Have a parent check candy before eating it (plus tips on how to check it)
  • Make sure toy weapons do not have sharp points
  • Pumpkin carving safety tips
  • Stay on sidewalks and don’t text and walk
  • Safety tips for drivers

With a little research, you can develop a series of Halloween safety tips; or, create one post with a long list that’s infinitely shareable.

7. Scavenger hunt

Develop a fun, family-friendly Halloween scavenger hunt and promote it on Facebook. People who complete the hunt the fastest can win a prize. Have a family member submit photos of each item they find to prove they completed the hunt. Ideas include:

  • Items hidden around local landmarks
  • Clues to find local historical or creepy sites
  • Halloween-themed items found at home
  • Animals and items found in nature
  • Items found in local shops (you might even partner with local businesses to sponsor the scavenger hunt, so that players must visit each store)
  • Local restaurant menus

Do some research to identify the best Halloween scavenger hunt ideas for your business and audience, then promote it on Facebook.

8. Store décor and employee costumes

Spotlight your store and employees by posting photos of your Halloween décor and their best costumes. Ideas include:

  • Your store or storefront, transformed into a haunted house
  • “Monster” footprint stickers that lead to your best Halloween sales
  • Costumed employees in fun Halloween scenes (perhaps recreate famous movie scenes)

The idea here is to post shareable content that adds a human element to your business.

9. Creepy product promos

You invest a lot in making your products appeal to your customer base. For Halloween, have a little fun by creating creepy product promos that are sure to be shared. Ideas include:

  • Photos of products set in an eerie Halloween setting
  • A video commercial of a product used in a unique way by a Halloween character
  • A special Halloween version of one of your most popular products — a perfect idea for restaurants that can create unique Halloween-themed menu items

Have fun with this type of promotion, and you can create a unique Facebook photo or video that’s destined to go viral.

10. Halloween facts

Dig up interesting Halloween facts and statistics — another great way to motivate social shares. Ideas include:

  • Halloween statistics, such as how much candy is sold each year
  • Halloween facts, such as which costumes are the most popular this year
  • Historical and creepy facts about your town, such as famous local murders or the story behind that one “haunted” house

Look for ways to tie your Halloween facts to your business. For example, you might list the ten most popular Halloween candies, then let people know you have every one of them ready to go in a special edition Halloween gift box.

11. Halloween countdown

Create a unique post each day that counts down to Halloween. Some ideas:

  • Post Halloween prep tips by date, like the fact that you should know which costume you’re going to wear by day 15
  • Post a fun fact that correlates with the countdown number, like facts about triskaidekaphobia on countdown day 13
  • Post a tip of the day to a collection of handy Halloween tips and post a different one each day

A Halloween countdown is fun and engaging, and your audience will look forward to your daily posts.

12. Halloween survey

National statistics are one thing, but what do local customers like? You can use a Facebook survey to find out their favorite:

  • Halloween candy
  • Halloween costumes
  • Horror movies
  • Halloween traditions
  • Spooky local places
  • Halloween party games

Once the survey is complete, you can publish the results in a post that’s sure to be shared between local customers.

13. Repost memes

This one is super easy, but it can generate a lot of likes, shares and engagement for your business.

  • Search for Halloween memes that are relevant to your business
  • Post them and add your own commentary
  • Ask customers to post their favorite Halloween memes
  • Ask your audience to vote for their favorite Halloween memes — turn it into a contest!

Reposting memes is a great way to get more Halloween-themed content with minimal effort, but it can also serve as a natural segue to your business when you select relevant memes.

14. In-store photo booth

Use Facebook to invite customers to visit your in-store Halloween photo booth. You can:

  • Set up a photo booth in your store, complete with Halloween costumes and props
  • Snap photos and share them on Facebook
  • Offer customers an instant incentive for participating

This is a fun and engaging promotion that invites customers to interact with your brand and motivates Facebook shares, which will increase brand awareness and drive more customers to your door.

15. Infographics

Infographics are ultra-shareable content that’s perfect for Facebook. Ideas include:

  • Halloween recipes
  • Halloween costume tips
  • Halloween stats and facts
  • Halloween décor tricks
  • Halloween safety tips
  • Most popular Halloween movies
  • Most common phobias

Create an eye-catching infographic that’s packed with valuable or entertaining information, and you’re sure to get social shares on Facebook.

Facebook is a great platform for promoting your business at Halloween. The best part? You can take advantage of social post tools to schedule your entire Halloween series in advance — set it and forget it! That way, you’ll be free to focus on other Halloween marketing initiatives while your Facebook Halloween campaign runs on autopilot.

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