Did you know that, according to Business of Apps, Airbnb generated over $3 billion in revenue last year? Additionally, this incredibly popular hospitality option had 150 million users in 2018 and had over 190 million bookings made in 2020.

If you run accommodations through Airbnb, then you need to use all the right marketing for Airbnb strategies.

However, you might not be sure where to get started. When you are marketing your Airbnb, you have to worry about things like digital marketing, branding, social media posting, and sending out emails.

It can feel overwhelming to come up with your Airbnb marketing strategy.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. In it, we’ll review how you can market your Airbnb using email automation through Vertical Response.

Finally, you can get more guests and make more money than ever. Read on to learn more.

Build Your Email List

To market your Airbnb using email automation, you first need to build your email list. If you don’t have one, then you don’t have any customers to send your email newsletter to, which means you won’t be able to get your marketing off the ground in the first place.

While there are a few tricks you can use to build your email list, like asking your guests to provide your email in a message or to write it in a guestbook at your home, there is another strategy you can use.

You can create what’s called a CTA on a landing page on your website. Don’t have a website for your Airbnb? You definitely should, as this helps with building your brand and getting more attention from customers.

Once you have your website, you can create landing pages. These are pages your customers are led to, after which they’re asked to complete an action. (“CTA” stands for “call to action.”)

In this case, your CTA should encourage your customers to sign up for your email list.

However, a CTA page needs to have great copy and design. This is where Vertical Response can help. They offer CTA page designs that are easy for you to adapt to your brand and tailor to your customers.

They’re optimized so that it’s easier for you to get your lead information. check out: Gain more followers with social media invite emails

Make It Personal

When advertising your Airbnb, you need to make the emails you send out automatically after someone has expressed interest in or stayed at your Airbnb are personalized. This will make your guests feel like you care, and they’ll choose your Airbnb over someone else’s.

With Vertical Response, making emails you send personal is much easier. This is because, whenever someone engages with your email newsletters, Vertical Response collects data on that customer.

This data includes information about your guest’s location, whether they’ve opened the email, what they’ve clicked in the email, and what type of device they’re using.

Once you have this information, you can make the emails more personal.

Additionally, you can design the emails to reflect both your brand and the aesthetic preferences of your customers.

Because Vertical Response has many templates available, you can create a beautiful email effortlessly. If you need to make any changes, you can also customize it easily.

Create an Email Campaign

If you want to advertise your Airbnb successfully, you need to create an email campaign where you send emails to your Airbnb customers every step of the way. This way, you can keep them engaged and make them loyal customers.

For example, you could create a welcome email that you send to every customer when they sign up for your newsletter.

You should also create a campaign anytime you’re offering discounts, Airbnb activities, or want to get your reservations for after the summer. It’s also smart to remind your past guests about your Airbnb during the off-season.

Of course, you should also send an email anytime a guest has checked out of your Airbnb so you can thank them for visiting.

Considering how many emails you have to send and the specific order for each, this might seem overwhelming to have to do. However, you can easily create an automated email campaign with Vertical Response.

Once you’ve set it up, you don’t have to worry about sending out the emails.

Your guests will receive emails when they’re supposed to, so they think of you first when they’re looking to spend a vacation in your area again.

Send Surveys

By sending surveys to your customers, it’s a win-win. You can learn from past guests about what they enjoyed from their experience staying at your Airbnb—and what they didn’t—so you can make their experience better next time.

Additionally, you can ask for permission to make the survey results public. In this way, you can advertise what people enjoyed about staying at your Airbnb.

If you include an area in the survey where people can leave comments, you can include positive views on your website, too.

With Vertical Response, it’s easy to send surveys. They’re easy to design and can be easily filled out on a smartphone, making your marketing efforts even easier.

Need More More Tips for Marketing Your Airbnb?

Now that you’ve learned about how marketing your Airbnb with email automation is easy with the use of Vertical Response, you might want additional marketing tips. Maybe you want to learn about how to understand your audience better to craft effective emails.

Or maybe you want help figuring out which emails you should send out in which order.

Whatever tips you need, we can help. At Vertical Response, we’re experts when it comes to email automation and marketing. We also offer the Vertical Response solution. Check out the free trial now.

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