When you think of online videos do you think great marketing tool or yay! cats playing the piano? We hope it’s the former, but we sure see a lot of cats. Online videos can be a boon to your to biz and we’re here to help. Here are 4 reasons you should use online video to help market your business.

Show It – Video is an easy and inexpensive way to show your product or service. Create online videos showing how to use your product, what services you offer or even an overview of your company. Seeing how things work is a, effective way to garner engagement and interest.Plus, it’s a simple way to show the people behind your company and what makes it tick. As you probably know, people buy from people, and the more they get content of value from you, the more likely they may be to make a purchase from your biz.

SEO – Be sure to include info on how to get in touch with your company, including a call-to-action. Use links in video descriptions, the About section on YouTube and mention it during the content of the video. Watching your online video will drive people to your site – if they know how to get there. Plus, the links you include can create some SEO juice for your biz!

Mobile Devices – Every day more peeps are getting on the mobile bandwagon. So, when creating your video content, keep in mind that some of it will be consumed on a mobile device. Since reading text in the limited space on a smart phone or tablet can be problematic, include a video on your website, blog or email. Video can be watched and listened to very easily on either a phone or a tablet and even while on the move. Win!

Shareable – Once you’ve created your video it’s time to share it! The whole point of creating videos is to get them seen. And the best way to do that? Social media. Of course YouTube is the first place to share, and host, your video. YouTube is the second largest search engine so it’s a no brainer. But also make sure to share them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Again, include a CTA and a link or info to your website. These are social networks that people love to share from, so your video could go viral.

What’s your plan to use online video for your business?

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