If you’re following your company name and your own name on Twitter, good for you. You’re  probably using something like TweetDeck to do this. Don’t you love it when people say nice things about your business on Twitter? But what do you do about the people that complain? Mashable published a great article about this recently.

The article outlines 5 tips for dealing with complaints on Twitter, one of which I’m a huge fan of and that is the art of giving a timely response to any complaints. At VerticalResponse we have two Twitter accounts to follow: @VR4SmallBiz where we tweet about great marketing ideas for growing your business, as well as @SupportVR where we answer any customer and tech support question and alert followers of any system issues. We find that the sooner we get to people the happier they are about any bad feelings they may have been having.

If you’re not following your company name and your name with a tool like TweetDeck (it’s free), download it today. It’s super-simple to use.

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