I was forwarded a great blog post from Michelle Urban, one of our amazing Partner Success Managers here at VerticalResponse. People here are always on the lookout for some great articles to share with you. This one entitled 5 Types of Links You May Not Have Thought of Tracking, was written by Jill Whalen, the CEO of High Rankings. It’s a quick read and we should all take a few of these ideas and start tracking them today.

  1. Email Signature Links – Add tracking to your links in your email signatures. You can use Google Analytics to do this.
  2. Specific Words or Actions on Your Website – Jill writes about tracking newsletter sign up images and how they converting to subscribers.
  3. Offline Marketing – At VerticalResponse we put URLs like www.verticalresponse.com/janine so we can see who might be driving the most traffic from within our company.
  4. Article Bio Links – If you’re an expert and you write about what you do, give it a tracking URL.
  5. Social Media Updates – Use bit.ly as your URL shortner and so you can track what’s going on with your social media traffic.

There are more ideas if you visit the article. Thanks Jill!

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