Your Facebook audience has a craving. They’re craving video. According to recent statistics, the number of videos showing up in Facebook News Feeds has shot up by 360% this year compared to last.

The king of social media sites is also allowing most page administrators to make videos more prominent by selecting a featured video. This featured video sits on the left side of your main page and appears like this on your video page:

Plus, Facebook now allows administrators to organize videos in a more presentable way. You can organize videos into playlists, which gives your video page more of a YouTube feel.

Facebook videos can provide a big boost to your brand. If you’re on the fence about adding video to your marketing toolbox, here are some pros and cons you should consider:

The pros and cons of creating video for Facebook

  • Pro: Get noticed

Everyone knows that videos are attention grabbing, but did you know that the number of video plays on Facebook is up 785% over last year? That’s not a typo, folks. It’s believed the recent changes that we mentioned earlier are contributing to the spike in views.

  • Pro: Boost your Facebook engagement

You want your Facebook fans to engage with your posts by liking, commenting and sharing. Videos encourage engagement. A recent study from Adobe shows engagement with video posts is up 25% this year.

  • Pro: Endless topics ideas

Videos can provide followers with more information about your product, service or non-profit. You can create videos that fit a variety of needs. You can explain how to use your service or highlight product features. Non-profits can showcase success stories and create fundraising videos. The content ideas are endless.

  • Con: Time commitment

As with any new marketing tactic, there can be a learning curve. If you haven’t shot a video before or posted one on Facebook you may have to practice a bit.

  • Con: A poor video can hurt your brand

Your audience expects quality videos that are informative and engaging. If your video falls short your viewers may not return.

But, don’t let these cons stop you from getting the camera rolling. We have tips to help you create top-notch videos for Facebook without sacrificing your entire workweek (or budget) to do it.

Tips to creating stellar videos with time and budget limitations

1. Create an animation

Try creating an animation with online tools like PowToonWideo or GoAnimate. You can use premade templates and easy-to-use editors to make a short animation or explainer video to share on your website or social sites. You can even upload your own images and voice recording.

2. Create a stop motion video with Vine

Do you remember flip book drawings where you flip through the pages and it looks like the images are moving? Well, there are videos that do the same thing. They’re called stop motion videos. Here’s a gallery of stop motion videos, in case you need a visual.

You can create a stop motion video using Twitter’s six-second video app, Vine. When you sign up for an account, you’ll have access to how-to videos that will walk you through the process.

Dunkin Donuts has mastered the art of marketing via Vine, check out a few of their examples for inspiration.

3. Create a time-lapse video

One of the easiest videos to create is a time-lapse video. Let’s say you’re hosting an event. Set up a camera with a good vantage point, hit record and walk away. Let the camera record through the event. Now, take that video and upload it to LapseIt, an app that will speed up your video. Add a little music and you’ve got a great video to share on Facebook.

You can use it to show progress on a remodeling project or how to assemble your product.

4. Create a photomontage of your Facebook memories

Have you shared a bunch of photos on your business Facebook page? Download Flipagram and turn those images into a memory slideshow. You’ll be able to pick from images that are uploaded to your Facebook and Instagram page and turn them all into one great, shareable video. You can use it after an event to share a lot of photos in a digestible format, then invite attendees to check out the pics on your Facebook page.

5. Use apps to help shot and edit

If you’re shooting a video with your smartphone or a digital camera, use apps to give your video a professional look. For those with less experience in the shooting and editing department, check out these apps that can improve your final product.

  • Directr. This app walks you through the shooting and editing process.
  • iMovie. An editing app for iPhone users.
  • CinemaFx. Give your video some cool effects with this app.

Has your small business upped its video presence on Facebook? How do you create original videos without spending a ton of time and money? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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