Life may slow down in the summertime, but that doesn’t mean your sales have to come to a screeching halt. Automating your emails is an easy, breezy way to battle the summer slump, stay connected to your customers and still have time to hit the beach.

How Email Automation works

With VerticalResponse’s Email Automation, you can set up an email or email series now, and then schedule the campaign to be sent out at a later date. Emails can be triggered according to criteria, such as whether or not contacts have opened or clicked a link in an email. What’s more, automated email series generate 80 percent greater sales at 33 percent less cost because they essentially run on autopilot. But before you can set it and forget it, you’ll need to decide what types of automated emails to send. What will be compelling enough to catch the attention of customers who are on vacation, enjoying warm-weather activities or entertaining out-of-school children? Read on for some inspiration.

Inspiration for your automation

1. Tie campaigns to summer holidays

Father’s Day, Flag Day, July 4th, National Blueberry Day, National Relaxation Day, graduation and more can be the basis for your summer emails. Celebrate holidays with your customers by sending them festive email greetings. Connect with customers on a more personal level by sharing a meaningful story about your mom on Mother’s Day. Or, send customers a coupon for a cool treat on National Ice Cream Day to help them beat the heat.

2. Catch attention with tips and promotions

You can use automated emails to announce your business’s summer hours and new seasonal products, but if you really want to grab people’s attention, consider adding summer tips and promotions to the mix. Get started by putting yourself in your customers’ Espadrilles and thinking about what’s important to them in the summer months.

Manage a pet shop? Send customers an e-newsletter full of tips on how pet owners can protect their furry friends from the high temps or choose the right pet boarding facility before their trip. Run an auto shop? Promote a pre-roadtrip brake inspection special. Own a hobby shop? Share tips on how to have a fun staycation with the family — with the help of your products of course.

3. Give new subscribers a warm welcome

Add some sunshine to subscribers’ lives by greeting them with an automated welcome email. Introduce your business and tell subscribers exactly what they can expect from your emails. Include a strong call to action that lets them know what to do next. Finally, consider giving them a small welcome gift, perhaps a hot summer discount on their first order.

4. Show customers you care

Customers prefer to do business with companies that care about them, so don’t miss the opportunity to wish them well on their special day. Fortunately, you don’t have to memorize every birthday, anniversary or personal milestone. With Email Automation, it’s a snap to send a heartfelt, custom birthday email to each and every customer. While you’re at it, why not thank customers for their business? Not only is it a nice gesture, it’s a good excuse to stay in touch and top-of-mind.

5. Host a summer party

If you’re planning on staying in town for the summer, why not host a summer party for your customers? People with upcoming trips on their minds might forget to RSVP, so send them at least three email reminders in the weeks leading up to your bash.

Use Email Automation to set up your campaign. For example, you can send an invitation and then resend it to people who haven’t opened or clicked your email. Or, remind those who have opened your email but haven’t submitted their RSVP to do so before time runs out. Then all that’s left to do is fire up the grill, turn on the tunes and rock some sales at your summer party.

Lose the summertime sales blues

Email marketing can go a long way toward keeping your sales strong in the summertime, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors, chained to your keyboard. With VerticalResponse’s Email Automation, you can send out emails to your customers while you’re taking that well-deserved vacation. So what are you waiting for? Find inspiration for sizzling summer campaigns in this article and automate your emails. Then pack your bags and prepare for some fun in the sun!

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