We posted about new reasons to send an email marketing campaign, but you’ve probably already got a ton of content for your email campaigns at your disposal that you may not be thinking of. Need just one more article for your newsletter or do you need a starting point for launching your first email campaign? Here are five things you can write about today!

1. Highlight One Of Your Customers

You should always be asking your customers how you’re doing. You can do this using surveys. When you get some great feedback, make sure you reach out to that customer and ask them if they would be ok with you promoting them on your site and in your email campaigns. Nothing sells your product better than your customers, not even you.

One of our customers Infopiadoes a great job highlighting a “Success Spotlight” of how one of their customers is using their products.2. Your Awards & Reviews

Were you given an award, reviewed or published somewhere? Your customers want to know that you’re doing well. They want to know that businesses they patron are A-List players and will continue to grow so make sure you let them know.

Another customer Hand in Hand, does a great job highlighting that they won Best of the Bay, Best of CitySearch and Best Jeweler in San Francisco. They worked hard for it, now they’re telling the world! People want to do business with the best.

3. Give a “How To…” or a “5 Easy Steps To…”

You are an expert at what you do and I’m sure that you have knowledge others want to learn about. So create a weekly topic that you can speak to that your customers will benefit from. Make your steps short and sweet and give them only a taste in your email campaign since you’ll likely want to send them to your site for the rest.

4. Email Pictures About Your Event

If you hosted or attended an event and you posted pictures of your customers to YouTube, Picasa or Flickr, why not send an email about it! Highlight a few pictures in your email and write about the exciting event. Talk about great conversations that you had. It might get more people out to your event the next time you either have one or attend one.

5. Any Holiday Will Do!

Capitalize on any holiday you can! VR customer PetCamp emails about March Madness and April Fool’s day and weaves the holiday message into their emails. They’ll even create a promotion around the holiday. I challenge you, any holiday can be paired with any product or service. Hey, I’ve seen our customers selling Botox for Valentine’s Day!

Got anything laying around that you might not think to talk about? Let’s hear about it!

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