We write about content marketing often, and we’ve talked about it from lots of different angles including using mobile devices, keeping it RITE, and finding treasure in your current content stash. Content marketing is super important to small businesses and a vital part of any internet marketing plan.

Our friends at Business2Community.com recently published an article with 6 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesss, and we wanted to pass along these great tips!

1. Create Valuable Content

Article writer Jessica Davis says, “Users want to read content that teaches them something new. Such content is also very shareworthy, so if your readers find your content useful then they will most probably share it with their friends on social networking platforms, giving your business free publicity.” Some of the best options include:

  • How to articles
  • List articles (like 6 Content Marketing Tips for Small Business)
  • Infographics, and
  • Personal experience stories that readers can relate to

2. Use Multimedia

You don’t need text to have context. Incorporate videos, podcasts, slideshows or any creative means to get the word out. Keep it fun and people will come!

Remember, says Davis, “content marketing is all about story-telling and this process is better with multimedia content.”

3. Integrate with Social Media

What does bad content marketing have in common with Mike Tyson? Trouble getting the word out! Go to where the audience is, and now more than ever before, that is social media. Davis advises, “When you post content on your blog, share it on Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other appropriate social networks. Integrating well with social networking platforms will help people find your content and will drive traffic to your website and blogs.”

4. Be consistent

Develop regular posting schedules, stay on point and speak with a consistent voice. If your readers are going to keep coming back, they gotta know what to expect!

5. Divide and Conquer

Davis suggests segmenting your audience into various groups and tailoring content to their needs. This is a great way of appealing to a diverse audience.

6. Host Contests

Everyone loves to win, so create a contest with an awesome prize. This is a great way to get attention, increase your traffic and engage readers. Things like caption contests and prizes to send in the best picture or video are super ways to reverse the flow of communication and get your audience to start sending you content.

These are some great tips to start making your content marketing efforts more productive and engaging. Which tip will you try first?

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