It’s time to kick your email list into high gear. We’re talking warp speed here. Since a healthy email list is one that keeps growing, we’ve put together a list of eight do-it-yourself tools to help you collect emails at full throttle.

Let’s not idle any longer. Here are eight tools you should try to boost your email list:

1. Create a sign up form

Tool to use: VerticalResponse sign up form

One of the best tools to collect email addresses is a sign up form. Encourage visitors to provide their email address when they stop by your website. How, you ask? We’ve made it simple for you. VerticalResponse offers free sign up forms. Just log into your account, create the form and we’ll host it on a landing page for you, plus you can place it on your website and on your social networks. When a new contact joins the list, we’ll add it to your email list.

Want to learn more about how sign up forms work? Check out this article, Everything You Wanted to Know About Sign Up Forms.

2. Add a pop up form to your site

Tool to use: PopUp Domination

Grow your list by enabling visitors to enter their email address in a pop up message on your site. With PopUp Domination you can create a tasteful message that appears on your website and asks users to sign up for your newsletter or claim a special offer in exchange for their email address. You can pick from ready-made templates, customize the message, add your own images, create your own call to action button and get access to analytics.

3. Offer an on site incentive

Tool to use: Justuno

Give website visitors an incentive to sign up for your email list with Justuno. This tool collects emails by offering visitors an on site incentive, like a downloadable coupon in exchange for an email address. Pretty cool, huh? That’s not the best part. VerticalResponse has an integration with Justuno, so when a new contact signs up, it goes directly to your email list. Instant growth!

4. Add a Facebook tab to collects emails

Tool to use: Pagemodo

With Pagemodo you can add a tab to your Facebook page so visitors can get in touch with you. You can set it up to look like a contact form. Visitors just fill in a few fields, including their email address, and submit it to you. You’ll get an email with the new contact information and the message.

Pagemodo has additional features too. You can run social media contests and customize your Facebook page with this tool as well.

5. Collect emails via text message

Tool to use: Tatango

Your subscribers can text their email address to you with Tatango. The subscriber texts a keyword, which triggers an automatic request for their email address. You can create a customized response when a new email address comes in. That new contact is added right to your email list within VerticalResponse.

6. Gather emails while selling products

Tool to use: Shopify integration tool

Does your small business sell products through Shopify? If so, you can collect email addresses when a customer makes a purchase. A customer is already typing important information, so it’s the perfect time to ask for their email address too. Those new contacts will flow seamlessly into your master email list with the VerticalResponse integration,

7. Use your email signature to encourage sign ups

Tool to use: WiseStamp

How many emails do you send out a day? Yeah, it’s a lot. Why not put those business emails to work for you? Use WiseStamp to create a custom email signature. In your signature, you can include your picture, contact information and business updates. One of those business updates could be a link to a contact form, like the one you set up in VerticalResponse. Just add the URL to your email signature. The text can read, “Sign up for our newsletter” or  “Join our email list.” When clicked, the subscriber is taken right to the contact form to sign up.

8. Run a social media contest

Tool to use: Woobox

A social media contest can rack up email addresses. From a simple giveaway on Facebook to a ‘Pin in to Win it’ contest, Woobox can help you create and manage all kinds of social media contests on all of the big platforms.

When you create a social media contest, one of the things a participant should be required to do is enter their email address. As more people participate, your email list grows larger.

Which tool will you use to rev your email list engine? We suggest starting with one or two of the tools listed above and add more options as time and resources allow. Most of the tools listed have a monthly subscription fee, so you’ll need to select the best options for your business.

Get your free email sign up form and send your emails for free with VerticalResponse.

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