Infographics, oh, sweet infographics. They’re beautifully designed images that infuse our brains with interesting statistics, knowledge, tips, and advice. How did we ever survive with out them? Not only do infographics transform a plethora of data into easy-to-understand graphics and interesting takeaways, but they’re also ridiculously easy to share, create, and most importantly, fun to read! Plus, infographics are extremely versatile. You can find one about almost any topic including, caffeineKobe Bryant, the evolution of Star Trek and even color psychology.

It’s obvious people and businesses have gone gaga for infographics, as the influx of these content marketing gems, even in the last year, has gone gangbusters. And, one of the most popular topics when it comes to small businesses and infographics is social media. So, we’ve scoured the Internet and collected the latest stellar social media infographics you simply gotta see:

A Simple Checklist to Help You Evaluate Your Facebook Page; Shortstack


How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams;


Huffington Post (100 Fascinating) Social Media Statistics;  iStrategylabs


It’s a Photographidemic! How Visual Content is Plaguing Social Efforts… in a Good Way!; Kelsey Trabue


Path to Social Success in 2013 – A 12-Month Plan to Boost Your Business’s Social Presence; Intuit


The Art of Getting Retweets; Quicksprout


The Social Media Design Cheat Sheet; imFORZA


The State of B2B Social Media 2013; B2B Marketing


There’s More to Social Media; Get Satisfaction


Have any favorite social media infographics of your own? Share away.

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