February 2005. Do you remember what happened 10 years ago? Here are a few things from pop-culture that you may recall:

  • The New England Patriots won 24-21 over the Philadelphia Eagles at Super Bowl XXXIX.
  • A video-sharing website called YouTube launched in the United States.
  • “Million Dollar Baby”, Jamie Foxx, and Hilary Swank took home Oscars from the 77th Academy Awards.

Plus, a big moment in VerticalResponse history happened that year. VerticalResponse for Salesforce launched. Just like life without YouTube, business didn’t have AppExchange back then. Hard to imagine. Instead, there was an integration into the Lists section of a VerticalResponse account that enabled you to pull over Leads or Contacts. As the saying goes, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

Even with on-going updates, our AppExchange offering has been long overdue for a refresh. Our recent hard work is now paying off as we’re excited to bring you a new and improved experience. Our new VerticalResponse for Salesforce integration is coming soon so we wanted to give you a sneak peek into three things you can expect.

Responsive Email Templates

The new VerticalResponse for Salesforce will offer fully responsive email templates. No matter which template you use, or images you add, your email will look great on any device. Want to check out how your email is going to look on a mobile phone? Or, tablet? We built in a preview page so you can be confident in your email before you push send.

Additionally, with the updated integration, you’ll be able to open your VerticalResponse account in a new browser tab. From here, you can set up and send your emails. This is a welcome change if you’re not a fan of the scroll bars in the current application (blame the iframe, for any inquiring minds). We made the design and interface much more streamlined for you.

Two-way Syncing

You’ve always been able to pull your Leads or Contacts from Salesforce to create a list, and then send back updated reporting. Now you’ll also be able to sync Contacts from your VerticalResponse lists, including those attached to a sign up form, and update back to Salesforce. And, of course, you’ll still be able to sync your email reporting data to your Leads and Contacts.

Create and Sync Contacts from Salesforce Campaigns or Reports

Speaking of syncing lists, you’ll also be able to use either a Salesforce Campaign or Report to create a list in your VerticalResponse account. And the information will sync automatically. You heard us correctly! No longer will you need to click the Update Statistics button to send the data from your VerticalResponse account to your Leads and Contacts. VerticalResponse does it for you. You can still choose to sync the data whenever you like. We just made it so you’ll never worry about any data differences between the two programs.

There’s more to come in addition to these three new features with the updated VerticalResponse for Salesforce integration. The release date is coming soon so stay tuned for more information.

To read more about VerticalResponse product updates, see our Product Update category on our award-winning blog.

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